Photo by Emilija Jefremova

The distant glow of two lamp posts morphed into one as dawn welcomed our early adrenaline fuelled efforts. What started out as a guiding light, had soon become two and then back to one as the incandescent glows of the two pier street lights firstly touched and then blended as we rowed away from the sleeping island.

I wish I could say I started looking more towards Ireland for an adventure since the world locked down due to COVID -19 and hence why I decided to row a currach from the Aran Islands to Galway City, but that wasn’t the…

For me adventure comes in many different forms, a good one will stimulate you physically, mentally and emotionally, however they can’t all be, nor would we want them to be, epic feats of human endurance. I find adventure in a Velib spin into unknown parts of Paris or rising early to get a sunrise shot in the mountains of Connemara. My latest quest for adventure took me to the vast expanse of sand also known as Mauritania in Northwest Africa. Most people have no clue it even exists and even if they did, have no intention of actually setting foot…

Damian Browne

Explorer & Peak Performance Adventurer

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